Top 3 Favorite Wineries in La Rioja

Top 3 Favorite Wineries in La Rioja

Marques de Riscal:
Our favorite contemporary winery in the La Rioja wine making region of northern Spain. What really separates this winery and vineyard apart from the others is the amazing Frank Gehry designed hotel and winery. Gehry is a world-renowned architect who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Beyond the amazing exterior is the top-notch qaulity of the winery tour and their exquisite wines. The bodega produces both red and wine whites aged depending on the classification designated by the La Rioja wine dominion. The striking hotel also houses a gourmet restaurant which has earned a Michelin star for its delicious cuisine.


Marques de Riscal Winery & Hotel with a Michelin-star restaurant.

El Fabulista:
This is our absolute favorite winery within the medieval city of LaGuardia. LaGuardia is a century’s old walled city within the Basque province of Alava. Beneath the city runs a subterranean tunnel system that was designed to hold munitions and provide escape routes during the middle ages. Within the past 500 years families also began to produce wine in these tunnels as the temperature and humidity is found to be ideal for wine production. The best part of the winery tour is venturing into these 700+ year old tunnels and tasting the wine that is aged to perfection! This is a must see when traveling to the La Rioja and the Basque Country!


El Fabulista: medieval subterranean winery in LaGuardia.

Muga is a family run traditional winery located in the city of Haro near LaGuardia. Sheltered by steep mountains to the north allows the wineries here to produce some of the best wines in the world. Muga separates itself from the many other wineries in the area by producing its own barrels made of French and American oak. This is very rear to find in wineries in the 21st century as most barrel production is outsourced. On the winery tour you have the opportunity to see the barrel making area along with the enormous aging tanks for the wine. Muga offers some of the best red wines in the Spain. The Gran Reserva is second to none, and holds over 90 Parker Points according to famed wine critic Robert Parker. Moreover, Muga winery and vineyard is must see for the connoisseur of Spanish wines!


The barrel making workshop housed within Muga winery.

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