Bilbao Gourmet Pintxos Tour – Essential Part of Being Basque

Bilbao Gourment Pintxos Tour—Essential Part of Being Basque 


-We will do as the Basques do! A bar hopping tour of the old part of Bilbao. This activity is referred to as pintxo-pote in the Basque language.

-A pintxo is the Basque version of the Spanish tapa accompanied with typical drink (usually wine or a small beer!)

-We will take you on a private guided tour of the Casco Viejo or Old Part of Bilbao which dates back to the 1300s. Throughout this leisurely stroll we will be stopping off at bars for some local drinks and Basque pintxos.

—11:30am-2:00pm or 6:30pm-9:00pm. Approximately 2.5 hours.
—Includes 5 pintxos (Basque version of the Spanish tapa) and 5 drinks in 5 separate bars.
—85 euro/person

*Tour starts and finishes at your hotel/accommodation

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