Basque Mountains & Artisanal Cheese Experience

Basque Mountains & Artisanal Cheese Experience: From the Mountain Pastures to the Table


-This tour will take us to the central Basque range of the province of Bizkaia and the surrounding quaint mountain villages.

-Our first stop will be at a countryhouse that produces the renowned Idiazabal Basque cheese, and unique delicious custards typical in the region.

-The farm produces a semi-hard cheese produced with sheep milk. The cheese is produced under the strict guidelines of the Idiazabal denomination of origin. This is one of the best Basque cheese tours in the region, and always a client favorite!

-Our second stop will be to the natural park of Urkiola where the mountains rise steeply from the village of Durango. The natural beauty of the Basque Country is stunning!

-Urkiola offers some short easy treks that afford the visitor with unique animal encounters. Specific animals include the Basque Potxoka (a breed of horse), Ardilatxa (Basque sheep), cows, goats and spectacular alpine vistas.

-Elorrio is the next stop, also a small medieval village in the valley near Durango. We will visit the 7th century ruins of the Argiñeta tombs. These tombs pre date the Christian conquest of Spain.

-Our final stop on the way back to your hotel we will take the beautiful drive to the top of a nearby mountain that affords panoramic views of the coast.


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